The odd thing about Discordianism...well, O.K., among the odd things about Discordianism is the strangely slavish devotion to the forms of the religion by its adherents when one of its primary tenets is a fierce iconoclasm. You'd think that anyone whose brain and soul had been tickled by the Pincipia Discordia to the point that they would embrace the practice of Discordianism would get the spirit of the religion and write their own "laws" and "myths" and spunky "platitudes". Such creativity occurs rarely. Instead, the vast majority of material finding its inspiration in Discordianism is simply (and boringly) a faithful reiteration and retread of the canon: The Law of Fives, 23, fnord, The Scared Chao, and so on. As someone wiser than I said: you non-conformists are all alike.