I hate to be a cynic. But there is something that touched my heart here.

It states that we, if we don't have kids, will. I am only eighteen years old. I'd love to have children, just one. But I never will. When I was fifteen, I actually was pregnant. I got pregnant at forteen; I won't go into specific details of how that came about, because it's a longer story than needs to be told here. I didn't gain much weight naturally. Not a soul new about it. Somewhere between the fifth and sixth month, I had a stillborn. I thought this was the grace of God, which it may well have been, but perhaps backwards, with my lack of knowledge of the past, present, universe, and most importantly future.

I cannot have children. It is an impossibility. If I would have tried, I would have miscarried or more likely given birth to a stillborn every time. And I am one of the "youths" that respects my mother, and realizes that I will never be able to see someone exactly as my mother saw me. I have always striven to understand where she was coming from, but I never will. Not firsthand.

I've seen a lot of writeups about kids, and how you're "here to make them" and they're the "point of existence." No, I'm sorry, not for me. They can't be, that can't by why I'm here, at least.

A cynical, perhaps bitchy response. But for me, no anger, no cynicism. Only melancholy, and perhaps jealousy as well. All of you youths that will have children, cherish them, for people like me. All of you that already have children, I hope you're doing the same.