I've been having problems with my roommate, Kristen, lately. They aren't normal roommate problems; she just annoys me to the point where I want to anger her enough to move out and leave me to a room of my own, not otherwise allowed in this university.

   So, now that we can see the background, here's the dream: Kristen and I have a fight. I can't remember what the fight is about. I remember something about her, as a Catholic, being upset with me not only for dating a "non-Christian," (in her eyes, not mine) but also for engaging in some activities that she finds undesirable or "non-Christian" activities. I told her that she'd better leave me alone about it. She did not. I told her that if she didn't just drop the subject, she would not appreciate my response. She did not.

   So, in my dream, I smacked her across the face, and she did not even skip a beat. She kept talking, talked though it even. So I picked her up, in a cradling position. I carried her out the door, being stronger than I thought I was. She was easy to carry, easy to pick up, and I still had most of my strength and agility. So I threw her down the hallway. Most of the way down the hallway. There are always girls, especially one named Nancy, in my hallway. Kristen flew through the air, hit her head on the cement brick wall, bounced off and, remaining in the fetal position from which I threw her, fell to the floor. She was not hurt or unconscious, however. Just very upset. I immediately went around to the other hallway to talk to one of my R.A.'s. However, this is the R.A. that in real life wrote me up for violating the vandalism policy while I was out of town for not throwing away my garbage before I left. Not that garbage is vandalism if it's in your own room... Plus, in the dream, she looked busy, and I was in a hurry to talk to someone in charge. So I went to Marcy, the other R.A., and told her upfront, "I can't live with my roommate anymore. I just can't do it." And Marcy replies, "that's fine, she's already moved in with someone else."

   What's sad about this dream: I was inexplicably happy when I woke up. And then I opened my eyes, and like a vulture waiting for its prey to acknowledge it's presence, Kristen immediately begins talking. About nothing. Nothing, I tell you. Just blabbing because she can.

You know the phrase, "and then you woke up?" Irony. Yeah. And then I woke up.