Why is Christmas said to be a "cheery" time of year, full of warmth and fellowship? It seems more full of stress of being with your family and worrying about being perfectly nice, and making sure that you got the right present for the right person. And you better not have forgotten anyone, either. Why do we make and eat all of this food? Do we eat all of this food because it's a holiday and that's how we celebrate, or because we're all so stressed that we have a reaction causing us to eat? What, with earnings coming out, finals, grades, scholarships, new years filled with New Year's Resolutions, holiday bonuses, it's a wonder that we don't either all kill each other or stuff ourselves until we can't even think anymore. Oh wait, we already do the latter.

Christmas should be a time of love. Why? Our Savior was born on a date actually in September or October on our calendar, and for what? To be persecuted and killed, by us, for being perfect and perfectly innocent, to fulfill both sides of a covenant with Abraham that Abraham couldn't have ever even hoped to fulfill on his own, whether or not he knew it at the time.

OK, perhaps I'm just lonely and am wondering where everyone went, and why I'm stuck in a forced solitude.