The Sound.

You jolt from your slumber, head groggy. Your body aches, but something about the plane of morning background noise that you're used to has been disturbed. You find yourself saying "What day is it?" barely audible agianst the not so far off noise and nothing else. Suddenly, your moment of clarity arrives, and a quick comfirmation by the clock physically launches you out of slumber and into action.

The worst part is the sound. After a year or so, you learn to listen for it. And you can tell how much time you've got left by it. It starts sounding far off, but anyone who's a veteran 'chaser' like me will tell you not to get comfortable in this, that's exactly how they trick you, and many good 'chasers' have misjudged and gotten caught up. So they begin to sound closer and closer. And the closer they sound, the quicker you're gonna move. The adrenaline starts pumping faster. The reflexes quicken. Shortcuts are a must, but keep it clean. Then the worst part about them, the sound quits, and all you're left with is the morning silence. Let me paint it for you: you're gonna be standing still, straining agianst the silence, trying to hear in vain, aural confirmation that your sorry ass still has some time.

That's a rookie move.

No sound equals no time. That means they're on you, you've gotta move. This is their final deception before they roar through and do their thing. And even once you get out there, you've not saved. Your shit has to be lined up and you have to be back inside before they arrive. Because they LOVE 'chasers'. They will torment you if they see you, and you'll fail your mission. I bet you thought this was gonna be easy, huh? This is no joke, son, this is a tough skill to learn. And trust me, they catch you out there, they will do anything and everything. Hell, I remember this time last season, they sprayed me as they passed me up, left me snowbound and still holding the shit. Yes, they will look right at you and through you like you're not even there. It's cold, but that's how they are. So saddle up, let's go go go!

Wait.......did you hear that? One block over! No time! No time! Let's MOVE! Get it out there! Fuck the little shit, just get to the main stuff and perishables! Move, man! Okay, okay get inside the airlock quick before they spot you! Get the goddamn lead out, son! Oh hell, I got visual confirmation! They're moving fast out of the northern quad. Start cycling the airlock! C'mon, Alpha team, you don't make it, you get left to the Trashers, move it!

Dad: So did you get the trash out?

Me: Hell yes I got the trash out! What kind of operation do you think I'm running here, maggot?

Dad: *backing out of the doorway* Uh....yeah....just asking....thank you.

Me: What's the funny look for?

I gotta get out of this house.