It's completely frivolous to judge the Creation Theory nowadays. More than 90% of all Jews and Christians recognize the story as a figurative way to explain the one simple fact: that God created the World, and that God created the human soul. The religions of Christianity and Judaism for the most part do not conflict with science anymore, only a few fundamentalists do. And this is perfectly acceptable, considering the Bible itself was not written until very long after God revealed himself to Abraham. The Creation story became oral tradition, and the only important part was the idea that God did it all. Of course, in older times, there was no way of knowing the science behind things, and people took what was most definitely oral tradition literally. I attended Catholic schools my whole life, and was always taught evolution.

As to whether or not matter can be created or destroyed...The Big Bang, where did all of that come from? Science does not yet have a valid explanation, but the answer is that it had to come from somewhere. Whether from God or what we do not know. But it somehow came into existence somewhere. The Bible is not a science or a history book, and it should not be treated as such by either Judeo-Christians or non-Judeo-Christians. To do so is moronic. It is a book of Scripture intended for spiritual purposes, which has been taken out of context by Christians and non- Christians alike.

Ultimately, the Book itself, while believed to be inspired by God, was written by humans, and is subject to human flaw. Any true scholar or critic of the Bible knows all this, and does not make the mistake of treating it as a science book. If the Bible was ever meant to be taken literally, then why are there two stories back-to-back in the Book of Genesis that describe the creation of man and woman in two different ways? How does Cain find a wife after he is exiled? The answer is just that the Bible was never meant to be taken literally.