I have always been a firm believer in "each to their own". If someone has different beliefs than I do it doesn't worry me at all. Why should it? In fact usually I listen politely and let them explain what they believe (if that is what they want) and don't judge them. If their belief is that the moon is oblong I assume they have a good reason for it and leave them to it.
I don't believe in a God, any God and for some reason because of this when the said person has finished telling me about their beliefs they sometimes try to attack mine. This bothers me a lot. Not once during their "Why I believe" speach did I interrupt with, "No, I am sorry but you must believe what I think because.... ".
I am not saying that I hate people who believe in God or in fact that I hate people who try to impose their beliefs on others, because I think we are all guilty of that be it religious or otherwise. What I am saying is that I don't like it when people don't treat me with the same respect I treat them with.
My most memorable example of this was while I lived in student accomodation whilst at Glasgow University. There were 5 girls in the flat, one of whom, Pauline, was a devout Christian. All the other girls got on at her and took the mickey, but I didn't. I left her to it.
Then one night we were alone watching television, and the subject came round to why we were doing what we were doing at University. I was studying computing and physics. Pauline was studying computing and maths. She began to explain that whilst at school she developed an interest in physics and geography and that is what she originally wanted to do. I asked her what happened, as I myself had chose to do astronomy at University originally so I knew how things could alter your opinion.

"Well", she started, "I believe in God, and I realised that if God existed then the theorys behind physics and geography were wrong"
. I didn't really know what to say as people had dedicated their life to finding these theories (Isaac Newton, Charles Babbage, etc) but that was her belief and she was entitled to it. Then she started to have a go at me.

"You shouldn't study physics, it is all rubbish", and, "You must believe in God, you will go to Hell if you don't".

I didn't know what to do as I certainly didn't want to insult her beliefs (even though she was insulting mine) so I sat like an idiot.
Perhaps I am too meek but I would like to think that I give people a fair go, I think people should do the same. I didn't really talk to her after that.....