I use to go to a high school named Walter MacAdoo Williams High School. It sounds rich and snobbish, but in fact, the ceilings were leaking and the walls were crumbling. In the room where I took Latin, there was extensive damage to the walls, where the roof had begun to leak. The students were notified, several months after this had been noticed and analyzed. The dust falling from the walls was asbestos, but there was so little that we don’t need to worry. So we didn’t. We just went on about our daily duties.

As gullible as we may have been, we know a bad thing when we see one, and this came when two men entered the room one day with full body breathing devices (think "The Abyss") and monitors that would beep. The beeping was pretty consistent until they got near the walls, when the devices would go crazy, beeping rapidly. And yet, they told us this was nothing to be concerned about…. Right

I think the climax of this fiasco came when I was passing by the faculty lounge and a sign was posted "safe school committee meeting moved to room 314 due to high asbestos ratings in the lounge". There you go people. Stupidity at work here in our school systems.