Since the offer was made by the writer of "It's Obvious You've Never Owned A Penis", here I am.

Now, listen, men: there's something inherently complex and deadly about the vagina. Those of you who have lived with a woman might know what I mean. It's called menstruation, folks, let's not be afraid of it. That means blood coming out of my body. For nearly a week. And this was not a choice we women actively made. No, we've been gifted with menses and sometimes it's even more of a pain in the ass than having to listen to my father watch Nascar races.

So if a woman happens to be a little bit upset or bitchy during this one week out of the month, you can't honestly blame her, can you? Of course not. And that's where things have been taken too far.

Everytime a woman is upset about anything, or having mood swings, instead of others trying to see what might be wrong, many times her feelings are passed of as mere PMS. Men do this to women. Women do it to each other. It happens, but it's not fair.

Another issue that I have is this: the vagina is a muscle! Muscles do not stretch or become "loose", so let's all keep that in mind the next time a sexually active woman is called "loose." There's also something called Kegel exercises, boys. You should look into them as well because they can prevent incontinence in old age, and further prevent all those problems with hitting the toilet bowl on the first go-around.

What needs to be understood is that the most important relationship a woman will ever have in her life is with her vagina- sometimes it will be ignorable, other times impossible to forget, and constantly loved and hated at the same time. Similar to how some men feel about their penises I suppose- so we aren't all that different after all.

Just to keep in mind.