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mission drive within everything
To express myself; to be successful.
If I'm on this site, I would hope it would be writing...
Sophomore in high school.
I shall conquer. Beware.
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If you're reading this, it most likely means you've read some of my writing, stumbled onto me, so thank you.

I'm Meg (Well, it's really "Megan," but I kind of dislike that more...)

A "highly recognized, award winning" person, who has a high tendency towards being arrogant and being a prick, suggested this website to me. I'm just some sophomore in high school, reeking with desperation and some not-so-subtle sweat. I had no clue about this site and what it entails. I figured, just because this prick recommended it to me, doesn't mean I can't try it out and not enjoy it. Hell, I read his writing (It's ehhh), I could probably do a better job than him.

Whatever you may take from this bio, just realize, I will conquer. I want to be a journalist, so this is like a test to me. I'm too insecure to post writing anywhere else, so I'm proving to myself that I can do it. My goal I'm life is to conquer. And I will.

I'm ambitious, sue me.