The other Pall Mall - the cigarette

The original premium cigarette, Pall Mall was released in 1899 by the Butler & Butler Company. In an effort to attract users, Pall Mall became the first cigarette to appear in a 85mm format.

Sales rapidly expanded, helped with marketing slogans such as Fine tobacco is its own best filter combined with the further innovation of establishing the first 100mm cigarette. Pall Mall became the best selling cigarette in the US in 1960

The good times would not last however, and in 1966 Winston overtook Pall Mall as the best selling cigarette.

By this stage, Pall Mall was now distributed in the US by R.J. Reynolds and internationally by British American Tobacco.

In the late 90s Pall Mall released a filtered version of their cigarette.

Pall Mall continues to play a large part in both RJ Reynolds and British American Tobacco marketing and distribution plans - being positioned as a drive brand in both companies.