Released onto the US market in 1957 by the Lorillard Tobacco Company, Newport has faced an uneven history - but has succeeded in becoming a major force in the US cigarette market.

After success with the launch of Kent in 1952, Lorillard targeted the changing tastes of the market place which demanded a fresher, cooler cigarette with the release of Newport.

The brand received immediate support from consumers and within 3 years of its introduction production reached 9 billion cigarettes per year. Unfortunately this success would not last, and the brand's growth would slow dramatically in the 1960s.

Market share for Newport reached its lowest levels in 1972, which spurred the brand's management into action with a review of Newport's marketing plan. These assessments resulted in a completely new advertising plan and a packaging redesign.

These measures had a profound effect on the brand's fortunes, in 1979 Newport became the 18th most popular cigarette on the US market and within a decade of the marketing review sales for the brand had tripled. Continuing this push for growth by 1988 Lorillard had introduced mobile marketing platforms for Newport, handing out free samples of their products.

By 1990 Newport had become the 5th most popular brand of cigarette in the United States and Lorillard's goal of increasing market share continued. In 1993, Newport's long running advertising series "Alive with pleasure" was modernized to match the changing views of consumers on the market.

Sales continued to grow, and by 2000 Newport was the number 3 cigarette in the United States.

Today, Newport has gained a reputation for their strong intensity - having high nicotine and tar levels, along with being one of the most expensive cigarettes on the market. Despite this and the brands rocky history, it has achieved impressive growth and brand recognition within its homeland and is now the second largest cigarette brand in the United States and the largest brand in the menthol cigarette group.


Like all tobacco brands, throughout its history Newport has faced criticism. A recent issue was the used of a woman who appeared to be pregnant in print advertising for the brand in 1995. This caused a large backlash against Newport and its parent Lorillard. It was classed as giving the wrong message to female smokers that smoking whilst pregnant was acceptable. The advertisement depicted a young man giving a pregnant woman candy and a pack of Newport. It was quickly pulled from the market.

Newport has also faced complaints regarding accusations that it brands specifically towards the youth African American market. While the brand has denied these claims, it is widely reported that 86% of cigarettes purchased by African Americans are Newport.


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