Dunhill is a brand of pipes and pipe tobacco based in the UK.

Alfred Dunhill opened his pipe shop in 1907 and soon it established itself as producing some of the highest quality pipes available. To achieve this, Dunhill uses the finest briar and employees the best craftsmen available.

Every pipe produced by Dunhill has a white dot, originally placed for craftsmen to be able to tell the correct placement of the stem. Now, the dot allows thousands of pipe smokers to advertise their choice of pipe brand

Alfred Dunhill also created a name for himself in the field of tobacco blending. Many of his blends are still popular today. Some examples of his blends are: Light Flake, Durbar, London Mixture, Mixture 965 and Nightcap.

Today, Dunhill tobacco is produced in Germany by Orlik Ltd and is currently distributed by British American Tobacco.