Intro: The salwar khameez is an outfit consisting of three garments. The main Garment is a long tunic (khameez), and it is worn over loose drawstring pants (salwar). The final piece is a scarf (odhni) Which is draped over the shoulders. Typical fabrics used in manufacturing this product range from high quality silks to simple cottons.

Usage: In the east, women are not allowed to show almost any of their body parts. This is one reason why the salwar khameez is very popular among eastern women. The garment covers the entire length of the female form, and the odhni is used to cover the shape of the breasts beneath the khameez. Many young girls in India choose this as daily wear and women tend to wear a Saree more.

History: The origin began in northern India. Eventually, this new fashion spread across India and the middle east. This conservative and graceful look gained world wide press coverage when Diana, Princess of Wales, wore the ensemble on her trip to India in 1996.