I was in this run down building on the edge of my town. I go there quite a lot with friends just to chill etc. you can get a really good view of the sunset from there, it's lovely. I can't remember why i was there this time, i'm not sure i knew, but a girl approached me. She wasn't attractive - sorry i don't know why that's relevant i just feel it is! She offered me two things: an experience and a drink. She then went to say that one was contingent on the other so i decided what the hell i'm young!!So i took the offered drink, it tasted like water, and being slightly cautious decided to leave about an inch in the bottom (not to much to appear rude). She didn't seem offended but insisted that i should drink the rest for the experience to happen. After the drink i sat back and waited...nothing until suddenly, this bit is hard to log as no matter how i craft my lexis this will sound ridiculous, i turned into a squirrel.

Somewhat surprised at this sudden transformation i was at first understandably a little perturbed but after a while i started to enjoy my new found ability and best of all i had preserved the ability to communicate with the Homo Sapien species, wonderful i thought. I realised i didn't fit in in my usual surroundings and decided to scamper off to the woods to find some furrier company. I then married a furry fitty and was set up to live a long successful life as a squirrel when i woke up.

Just hoping i turn into a squirrel and escape to a surreal life everynight, it was nice!