An excellent little EP issued, as the above writeup mentions, on September 24th.

While there aren't any stores carrying it anywhere near where I am, I was able to get a copy from Vintage Vinyl's online store.

Interesting factlets about The Lion and the Witch
  • Although there are, supposedly, a little over 25,000 copies of the disc made, the numbers (each copy has a unique number. The same thing was done with Maladroit) go well into the 30,000s. My paticular copy is number 026,677.
  • The last track is thirty seconds shorter than what the band intended (as of Oct. 8, 2002, a full version can be found at Weezer's website). None of the music is missing, but there was more after-song commentary that the band wanted on the disc.
The versions of the songs on the CD include two gaffes. During the included version of El Scorcho, Rivers messes up the second verse. He starts singing the "I wish I could get my head outta the sand..." part before trailing off and remaining silent for a bit. The crowd doesn't seem to mind. The bigger gaffe is on Holiday. Poor Scott Shriner. He had to learn a whole bunch of Weezer songs literally hours before playing them in front of thousands of people. When the breakdown comes, Scott messes up the words. He trails off after mumbling a few words, laughing. Rivers says, "Yeeeahh, boy." Brian Bell tries to help Scott out a little when he comes in. By the time it's Rivers' turn to enter with the "On the road with Keruoac..." part, he's laughing too hard. Rivers messes up his part too.

The after-song stuff is pretty amusing on all the tracks. Rivers says some pretty random things. My favorite of the comments on this CD is after Holiday, when he says, "Scott just won a Grammy..."

All in all, it was well worth the $11 I paid to have it shipped to me. And I love the cover art ... Kittens holding yen on a japanese street while sticking their free paw in the air ...