Racism is colour-blind ?

Look closely at a "white" person. Look at something white, i.e. a sheet of white paper. Compare.
Do the same with a "black" person. Look at something black, i.e. a piece of anthracit coal. Compare.

I am what people call white - but I am not a Georgian, people living in the caucasus usually have a slightly darker complexion than north Europeans. Also, I am German but not "aryan", whatever the Nazis said - people on the Indian subcontinent look different from me.

I spend a lot of time outdoors - so my skin is brown, more so and Michael Jackson would look white by comparison.

In South Africa, many restaurants had signs saying "No Blacks !". Nowadays, they say "Right of Admission reserved".
Different sign - same meaning ? Sometimes, yes - but in some place it translates as "No matter what colour your skin is - if you behave like any colour of trash, according to our standards,we won't let you in."
Not perfect - but this attitude can be seen as an improvement.

Germany, however, let me tell you - it's looking grim nowadays.
After exposure to only a very few people who are "black", especially in the former GDR, a part of the uneducated and stupid (for some reason also often unemployed) chooses to believe that foreigners are guilty of taking their jobs, future, wives and space. Anybody not looking German can expect bodily harm or loss of life as a result.
Combined with the local attitude of If I look away, I won't get involved (remember how well it worked during the Nazi regime), the conclusion can only be that, if you are black, you are safer in South Africa than in Germany.