My birthday.
According to Everything2, the point of reaching middle age. Judging from statistics, most of my life is now behind me.

No celebration, just my wife giving me a great present just after midnight. My mother called. After a long week, I am tired. Too tired to go out, happy to sit here, doing mail, noding this (me ? noding a day log entry ? never !) and drinking a coke.

What changed, compared to yesterday ?

It would be more difficult to change employers now.
In exactly ten years, I'll be fifty, my beard and hair will be much greyer than today.

What changed, thinking back to the day I turned 30 ?

I feel older.
My body isn't as flexible as it used to be and fatty food is something to avoid.
More wrinkles in the face, beard and hair greying - less hair, too.
Increasing lack of endurance - and I am tired.
Partying until early mornings makes me pay a toll the next day.
I am less idealistic nowadays, turned into a cynic.
A mortal cynic - who stopped looking for adventurous trips during the holidays.

Celebs, local politicians, professionals and colleagues are young - and trying to be the hot coder I once claimed to be would look terribly funny.
UF's Sid Dabster is my hero - my age, my looks, my kind of personal history.

Life is a real-time adventure game with excellent graphics, a very complicated plot, a mediocre sound track and I still do not understand the rules and scoring system. Or the objective.