Solution 5: 0/0 = 0/0
Reason: Humans divide by zero all the time.

KNaN AM-150 has a contest where one of the afternoon DJs ask a question, and then get answers from the first 5 callers. The prize is split between the 5 callers with the correct answer. If one of the callers gets the correct answer, he wins $150. If two of those callers get the correct answer, both win $75. If three callers get the answer, they each win $50, and so on. If none of the 5 callers can come up with the correct answer, no division of the prize money takes place (and no, the station hosting the contest is not defined as "a winner").

If you try to simplify it, it will not produce a number. That doesn't make it meaningless or undefined. Even in the case of 0/0, it communicates something. In this case it means I've got nothing to give and no one to give it to.