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I'm a 22 year old white male living in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. I'm a 4th year Political Science major, althought that does not mean I'm going to graduate anytime soon. I've decided to get an anthropology degree because I kind of hate political science, I mean I enjoy studying politics, its just that I don't agree with how Political Science is practiced as a discipline. I would rather study the politics of society and culture rather than the actual structures of power. Most of these structures, I feel, only serve the dominant class in society. I'm also part of a new department at my school, called Globalization Studies, it is one of the first departments of its kind in the world. The GS department is young, and does not yet offer a major, although we are trying to grow the program. You can check out the website at I've been doing an independant study in this program called Information, Media and Hegemony, which I hope to work on over the next couple of years and will provide the base for my masters thesis.

I do a radioshow at the campus radio station, CKXU. It is only on cable radio and on the net right now, but we will be going FM in the next couple of months. On my show I play mostly hip hop and punk music, and I talk about stuff like politics sometimes too. My show used to be called Every Generation Has Its Vietnam but I'm doing a different show this coming semester, I haven't decided the name yet.

Outside of school my life is pretty much centred around getting stoned or hanging out with friends or dicking around on my computer. I don't have a job right now, although I'm looking for one, as I'm sick of being perpetually broke. I read alot too, I used to read fiction, but now I get bored with fiction and usually end up reading books about how corporations fuck up the world.

I am a Vegetarian, I've made this as a life choice because I feel that human beings do not have the right to subordinate all other forms of life to serve its own standard of life. I also don't think that consuming animals is an ecologically sustainable practice.

I am a Taoist. This is an ancient Chinese religion/philosophy that does not worship a deity but instead is based around the world being like a river of energy, and people can learn to attune themselves to the energy of the universe and live in harmony with it. The easiest way to describe Taoism is 'going with the flow' it is about following your gut instincts and intuition, sometimes you just know what to do next but you don't know why, you just know it has to be done, and usually this will take you on the right path. It is also a deeply ethical philosophy, Taoists try to make the world a better place.

I am a Marxist, I believe that cooperation and equality are superior to competition and conflict.

I think the unique way that I approach life was shaped by my upbringing. When I was a little kid I lived on a farm with my mom, dad and my two sisters. My uncles family and my grandpa also lived on my farm. When I was around 7 my dad had a schizophrenic break and tried to kill himself, he shot himself in the chest but he survived. Ever since then he has played only a minor role in my life, I only talk to him every couple of months and he hasn't been played a parental role. A couple of months after that, my older sister died of diabetes, she was only 9. This left me my mom and my little sister alone, and that is how we stayed until I grew up. In the early nineties my family lost our farm and we had to move in to town when i was 15. I lived in Champion Alberta for about 3 years when I was in high school. I don't really remember much about high school because I was stoned pretty much the whole time, although I managed to graduate with pretty good grades and got into university. I think my experiences growing up have led me to believe that It is ok to live with little material wealth as long as you are rich mentally and spiritually. It has also helped me not to stress out about the small things in life because I know that it is possible to come through seemingly catastrophic events and still be ok.