I'm quite certain that whoever's in control around here has a sense of humor. And that means everything is going to be ok

The world came to a screeching halt about noon today. I was sitting in the hospital with the neurologist pushing and pulling on various limbs, shining the light in my eyes and making me follow it, and asking me questions about whether or not I knew where I was and when this all started. I have been in incredible pain the last couple of days, so I went to see the doctor. The symptoms were headaches, muscle fatigue, blurry vision and sudden bloody noses- all the signs of an aneurism. So I set up an emergency appointment and found myself here. And some unaware college DJ is playing "Once" by Pearl Jam. Eddie Vedder croons "I've got a bomb in my temple and it's going to explode", and my mind starts wandering...

Thanks Eddie.

I'll cut to the chase. I figure you're not interested in my responses to questions like 'are you pregnant?' and 'do you have difficulty urinating?' Bottom line is I have a severely inflammed occipital nerve, just above the base of my spinal column. And it's cutting off blood flow to my brain and screwing up my usually abnormally low blood pressure (courtesy of marathon running).

The doctor wants me to bring my life to a standstill. This is all caused by two things: my primary computer is a laptop, granting me poor posture while using it, and the fact that I use it way too much because I've adopted too many pet projects... E2 being one of them.

The result is that my doctor has asked me to stop everything. No summer projects. No long distance offshore yachting. And probably of most import to all of you is no Everything2 or computer use in general. Now get this: he says I need to get out into the real world a lot more in these next three months. I need to spend more time hove to in my cruising J-24 and less time racing on the Maxi 60. I need to spend more time writing letters and postcards and less time writing my code for my postgraduate. I need to spend more time with my family, neighbors and girlfriend and less time in the Chatterbox and Scratch Pad.

In short, I need to get outside, not go outside.

I'll see you in two months, hopefully changed for the better.