I can not believe what time it is.

It is not even three in the afternoon and yet I want more than anything to have gone home.

To-day has been one of those days.  The entire mornings work was lost due to a freak computer malfunction and then more was lost from yesterday due to the incompetents who tried to fix it the boss.

Worse of all is that is that I am stuck in the same office as the boss.  I've heard how everything is the fault of the labour government and how we need a good war to sort us all out.  The only war I want to see right now is one that takes him off and gets him shot!

It's all well and good working for a mate but somehow they always feel the need to lecture you on this and that and why you are always wrong.

Enough already - I don't want to hear some other dubious experience or story that may or may not be true (Urban Legend) but somehow proves that although things are one way in theory in practice things should be done how he has always done them.

Right now I just want him to shut up and sort out the cheap broadband connection for me...  getting mates rates is so very expensive.

I loath this office