I think I hate my office

I have been sitting in this stuffy little office all day. Every time I look out of the window and think thoughts about eating for the first time today, (it's 3pm already and I'm starved), some "important" client phones up and wants to speak to the one guy who's not here.

IT always seems that about thirty odd people with nothing to do with what we actually do have a club for strange phone users who call offices and ask for people who are out.

But the effect on me is devastating. I end the call and say thank you for calling look at my monitor and think "oh yes, I'll just..." and sadly I get no nearer to breakfast, lunch or any other food brake.

So on and on I find myself creating endless data entry screens for the big project and hoping like hell that no ones going to figure out just how little I did this week.

Fridays suck man. Everyone else has gone home. Even the geriatric security dudes gone. It's just me this PC and more work than I care to think about.  It's times like this when all you want is to go home and drink a beer or something that you begin to ask you self:  "what can I get away with NOT doing?"