There is only one thing worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about. --Oscar Wilde.

It was not by design but by accident that one of the biggest wars I have ever seen (on-line) kicked off.

A small and under-rated Goth-blog posted a small but interesting rant. The ranter used such words as mammiferous and patricidal in the same sentence and slagged of not only a little known and offensive band but also the fans of said immature kids. The entire sentence was in fact:
The mammiferous obsession of many an adolescent is temporally bypassed by the plebeian patricide inclinations of the teen fans.
Not perfect English but definitely showy.

The ranter was well pleased with his comic creation and showed his friends (myself included) and one friend showed a girl who he fancied. This girl was a fan of said little band. (you can see where this is leading).

The girl posted a message on the fan forum packed chock full of angry Cool goth kiddies wearing all black and the result was an over night success - six jammed pages of rant in their forum spilled into war when the users found their swear-word filled flames deleted from the blogs comments section.

It might have ended there but for the implementation of the challenge. A self important DJ challenged the Goth Blog to a Blog-duel! So the Goth Blog complete with it's users powerful command of long words proceeded to make the DJ look a little silly.

Somehow another Blog writer got involved and wrote a few posts on the both as judge and referee. At the same time an angry band member swore he'd get vengeance if only someone could find the Goth's email address. The Goth obliged the ranter with said hotmail address.

A very funny post followed when the ranter couldn't use the email address due to not understanding the underscore character "_".

Then another (band member this time) started a blog just to slag-off and denounce the single post and it's author.

In the end there were some four or five blogs, a forum and goodness knows who else commenting publicly on a single post in an unheard of blog.

The poor under-educated ranters started to pale in the face of words such as puerile, esculence and coquetting. I must admit that even I had reached for the dictionary by this stage.

The last new news I heard was that slash Goth had an article submitted on the subject. This debate has spread across the world and back like a virus on speed.

Re-reading the whole thing now I am stuck by the variation of Regional information available to non-Goths on the topic of Goths. There seemed to me to be a typically teen-age Atychiphobia (fear of failing) in the angry response from the band and the fans or perhaps more accurately Allodoxaphobia (fear of opinions).

The goths have also posted a copy of the flame to end all flames which the bands fans did not get.

In a weak moment I found myself thinking that this truly was a vindication of the authority of fathers to beat total numb-nut teens until respect is learned.

But the sociology aside for a moment - there is an interesting side effect to all this and I wonder if the Goths knew this from the start. All these blogs commenting and posting links has of course resulted in a jump in the google rank and value of this tiny on-line personal journal. It has raised in my mind new questions as to the nature of fame, self promotion and the power of the individual to shake things up.

Interestingly today: I also found that one of the bands fans hate started a hate Blog dedicated to the goths and thier defenders. It seems it is just starting to heat up.
The article that sparked it all: