A comic about a "Local Gay Werewolf", or "Weer-Wolf", Weer pronounced Queer. By day he's a mild manered straight business man, while by night he's a gay werewolf. I find it quite funny, and I am most positivly NOT gay. It is drawn by Scot Zellman, and it contains some really cool art, especially on the front cover, which features a very groovy spinning disco ball. Check it out over at www.furnation.com/busterwilde

The only problem I've found with it is that it hasn't been updated (no change to the site and no new comics) in almost exactly 5 months, actually, come to thing about it, 5 months and 2 days, the last update being 5/17/2000, and today being 10/19/2000.

The two slogans from the website are "Be weered. B. Wilde. Just Be." and "He's Here. He's Weer. He's shedding on the dance floor."