English singer/songwriter, sounding almost like what David Gray might sound like if he didn't suck.

Tom writes sounds about loneliness, heartbreak, bitterness, and is incredibly atmospheric and emotive. The kind of music one could listen to whilst exchanging unrequited love across the student bar, barbed with a cynical political edge in regard to what McRae sees as a flawed and to some degree empty, world.

"so burn, burn the flag
rip it up
bury the rags"

McRae's lyrics manage not to compound the feeling of sadness, but to lightly relieve the listener, simultaneously sinister and strikingly beautiful, every song on his self-titled LP is an expertly-faceted gem with piano or strings supporting fingerpicked guitar arpeggios and creating a rich, almost oppressive effect on many of his songs. This contrasts sharply with his live performances, bare without studio editing and relying on McRae's gift for melody and intense vocal delivery.

Worth a look for Jeff Buckley fans, or anyone who likes Travis, Starsailor, Ed Harcourt, Mercury Rev or I am Kloot


Street Light / A & B song

- street light
- a & b song

Tom McRae
DB Records

- you cut her hair
- end of the world news
- 2nd law
- bloodless
- draw down the stars
- one more mile
- the boy with the bubblegun
- hidden camera show
- a & b song
- language of fools
- untitled
- sao paulo rain
- i ain't scared of lightning

End Of The World News (Dose Me Up)

- end of the world news (dose me up)
- soldier song

You Cut Her Hair

- you cut her hair
- draw down the stars