Solitaire is the Bond girl in the eighth James Bond film, Live and Let Die. She has a useful knack for predicting the future. She knows that her gift is a heavenly one. One which will be taken away if it is violated by earthly love (i.e., sex!).

Solitaire spends most of the film escaping and being caught by Kananga (the bad guy). Not knowing the powers that be, Bond seduces her. Solitaire loses her powers (and virginity!) and she and Bond decide to run away. But alas, they are trapped by Kananga's men at the New Orleans airport. Kananga discovers that Solitaire has lost her powers and she becomes the intended victim of another voodoo rite. She happens to be rescued in the nick of time by Bond. Their escape leads them to Kananga's lair, where he tries to feed them to sharks. But, luck have it, Bond and Solitaire escape again!

Jane Seymour was perfect for the part of Solitaire. She was originally trained as a ballet dancer but had to abondon dancing when she developed cartilage trouble. She came to the casting call with a hat on. When she removed it, her long hair spilled out beautifully making an immediate and positive impact on the producers. She was immediately chosen for the part.