Wow, another daylog. Didn't know I had this many in me, but all I really have going on in my life these days is classes and pressure and so on. I don't really have it in me to do the kinds of nodes I really want to do, Took the General GRE and the computer science subject GREs this past weekend... it feels odd to tell folks, "Yeah, I can relax this week. All I have to do is an artificial intelligence project and a midterm in my hardest class." ClockworkGrue and I took the same tests on the same days, and even though he took them a state away, it felt good knowing someone else was going through the same hell. A sort of cross-state camaraderie, I guess.

Why do we feel better about our own lot, bad as it may be, due simply to the fact that someone else is going through the same bad deal? I suppose it's because misery loves company, and obviously no one wants to be alone or feel like the only person who's getting beat on... Still, its a bunch of crap many better than I have gone through in the past, and many better than I will have to go through in the future, all for the "privilege" of higher education. I don't know, call me old fashioned, call me a commie, but I think that anyone should have the right to pursue their education to the fullest of their ability. Of course, one must have a way to gauge such ability, and a test is a dang good way of doing that, and the true barrier to a good education is a combination of money and social strata... and now I'm arguing with myself. Must be time to go to bed.