All gone

As I node this, I am drunk. I have just recently accidentally wiped my data hard drive, due to an error in how the IDE connection was set up.

All I wanted to do was migrate my Windows-side OS back to 98 from XP (worst OS ever!). Had to reformat back from an NTFS file system to FAT32, and so help me, the jumpers were wrong. Everything else was perfect - there were three hard drives in at the time, and I mis-set the jumpers on one of them.

Everything important had a backup, of course. But all my little foofy things, my sounds, my pictures, my decorations are gone. It's like running out of a burning house, thankful that you've saved the family pictures, knowing that your insurance documents are in the fireproof safe, but mourning the wallpaper will soon be ashes, the bookshelves you found at that estate sale will feed the flames, that the memories you made will just have to be repainted.

It could be worse.

I could be on fire.

In the end, what I have lost is time, time that will never return to me. But I guess I had better damn well get started.