On February 10, 2001, "Weird" Al Yankovic married a woman named Suzanne, according to the BBC Online.


One would have thought that the marriage of music's foremost parodist would have been publicized somehow, if not highly. Information was surprisingly hard to find. I found out from ClockworkGrue, and got confirmation from weirdal.com and poking around the BBC's archives. But hey, enough back story.

Upon visiting weirdal.com and accessing that site's photo gallery, I found that pictures from the wedding were readily available. The pictures from the wedding itself are great. The second gallery has pictures from the reception, and picture Al with long time pals Victoria Jackson, Dr. Demento, The Amazing Jonathan, and the inimitable Emo Phillips.

Also included are pics from the bachelor party, where Al and friends played paintball "somewhere in Southern California" according to the site. Al got quite a nasty bruise on his shoulder, but the wedding obviously went off without a hitch.