I'm in a hotel room, sitting on the floor amidst a stack of newspapers. I'm looking for a job.

No. Not a job. A career.

The tv is playing an Alfred Hitchcock presents episode. My mom is asleep on the bed. Or at least laying down. She asks me if I've found anything and I tell her about a couple. We discuss the options. I decide to visit one the next day and inquire about the job.

Time passes.

I go to the place where one of the jobs is being offered. As I get to the smoked glass double doors of the red brick building, there's a girl (read as: female in her early twenties) who is standing by the door. Apparently, there's some sort of conference going on with a lot of youth. Unfortunately, one of the youth in attendance had thought that housing was provided. She was a ten year old girl who was there alone. The powers that be had decided that the girl could crash at the business (I'm not sure exactly what sort of business it was), but the girl was scared of ghosts and thought that the building was haunted.

So I go into the building and stand in a large open room. Sort of the fellowship hall sort of thing you see at churches throughout the American Midwest. A bunch of us walk up to a guy who is standing there talking.

Someone pokes me in the back. I turn around and there are a couple of people that I know. They seemed to pretend that they didn't know what had happened. I turn back towards the guy who is talking.

Someone pokes me in the back again. I turn around and there are a different couple of people. Again, they don't know anything about poking me in the back.

I'm beginning to think that there are, perhaps, ghosts.

I turn back to the guy and he's an Elmer Fudd sort of guy. He's surrounded by all these wire mesh cages that are designed to hold rabbits.

But not just any rabbit. Bugs Bunny.

In fact, he's got Bugs trapped in one of these traps. They're weird wire-mesh-straight-jacket-types of things. They are kept closed by a larger wire handle that's attached to the front of the cage, but slide through an opening in the back. By holding on to the handle, it is impossible for the caged individual to get out.

He lets go of the handle.

Bugs, who is portrayed at this point as a three foot tall rabbit with long curly black fur, gets out of the cage and starts to go berserk. He starts ripping people to shreds. Only I can't see him. He's behind a desk and all I can see are his black ears as he rips out the legs from under people.

I wake up pondering conditions for keeping cartoon animals and the notion of cruelty towards those animals.