Two dreams:

Dream 1

I get a message (I'm not sure if it's a letter or a phone call) from a friend of mine who has moved and gotten a new job guarding a lighthouse. The perspective of the dream switches to something like a TV documentary; I'm not really there but I'm watching and my friend is narrating.

His lighthouse is very far from land, situated on the edge of a small island which is apparently the top of an old volcano because it's basically just a large crater. The waves are continuosly washing over it, rolling through the crater. For some reason, this island has been evolutionally separated from the rest of the world for a very long time, giving rise to some unique creatures. On a closer look, the crater is filled with big, round, floppy things rolling along with the waves. They're bright green with lots of red spots. We are told that they live from some kind of mold or weed that grow in the crater, and that this is an extraordinary proof of the theories of Darwin.

My friend goes on to tell about how he's taking a distance course in something-or-other just to pass the time.

Dream 2

I'm part of a team in what I think is rugby or american football and we're about to play a match. In order to get a psychological edge over our opponents, we've painted our faces with some kind of traditional masks that look vaguely chinese. We perform a threatening dance before them, shouting and waving our arms. I have the feeling that this is some kind of tradition, but the other team is not doing it and they do seem a little unsettled.

Moments later in the field, just before the match starts, i shake hands with one of the opponents. Afterwards I think "how stupid, we were supposed to scare them!".

After a while, there's a break and for relaxation the loudspeakers are playing a clarinet quintet by Mozart. I glance over at our coach and he's completely paralyzed by the music. I poke him with a pillow and he just falls over. Before he has time to get up I poke him again and he falls over again. This second poking makes him angry and he drags me away to a back room, where he brings out a brush and paints a really strange looking moustache all over my face.

When the game continues I expect the opponents to laugh at my ruined mask, but for some reason they seem to find me even more scary now.