Cracker Barrel is a mature, cheddar like cheese.

It is sold in small, foil wrapped cuboids about one inch by one inch square and about six inches long. You can buy several different strengths now, but when I grew up there was just Cracker Barrel.

Cracker Barrel is a brand name of Kraft foods, from the USA, the same people who make Philadelphia and Dairylea cheese. These are all synthetic cheeses, blended and mixed to give uniform and consistent taste and texture. It's the American way.

When I was little, my mother used to use Cracker Barrel to make sandwiches for my dad's packed lunch. Sometimes I used to help and my reward would be a small piece of Cracker Barrel. I still remember the distinctive taste and the smooth, uniform texture in my mouth, along with the pangs of hunger that they inspired.

Cracker Barrel was my first ever cheese, and for many years it was cheese for me! Later, I discovered other types of cheddar, and soon after that my experience widened and I entered a whole universe of cheese that I still explore today.

What was your first cheese?