Full Name: Michael Trent Reznor
Birthdate: May 17, 1965, at 7:30 a.m. EDST
Address: Louisiana U.S.A.
Height: About 5'6" or 5'7"
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Dark brown, dyed jet black every six weeks. Used to dye it red when he was 18.
Pets: Female Golden Labrador Retriever 'Emmy Lou' Female Weimariner 'Daisy'
Hometown: Mercer, Pennsylvania U.S.A.
Religion: Brought up Protestant
Fav. Color: Green
Tattoos: None
Education: 1 year at Allegheny College
Majors: Computer Engineering and Music
Piercing: Ears and for about a year
Bands before nin: Slam Bam Boo, Exotic Birds, Option 30, The Urge, Hanson: The Movie, Lucky Pierre and The Innocent
Candy: Reeses (I think the pieces)
Parents: Nancy Clark (Homemaker)
Mike Reznor (Interior Designer/Amateur Bluegrass Musician)
Sister: Tera (Born: @1971, Mother of 2)
Other shit:

He was raised by his maternal grandparents after his parents split up when he was 5(His grandmother recently died). His sister went to live with Nancy who lived nearby.

He was in a blockbuster flop named Light Of Day.

He has a dog named Daisy May, (this is actually the second one named Daisy; the first one jumped off from a balcony during The Downward Spiral Tour) and another dog named Ethyl. After daisy died, Trent sat in his trailor and would not come out for 3 days. :'(

Trent is allergic to cats and pollen, yet has a cat named Fuckchop.

The first time he got high was with his dad at 14.

After making Broken, Trent decided to buy a house; he found a large one and it was priced well so perchased it. Later to find out it was Sharron Tate's house. The room with blood wiped all over the wall to spell PIG was used for his recording studio for The Downward Spiral.

Was wanted by the FBI for a missing piece of tape found by a farmer that was to be on the Down In It video (the tape, not the farmer). It was on a balloon and as it was raising up from a view of Trent covered in powder to simulate him as dead. The balloon broke free taking the camera with it, landing 3 states away where a farmer found the tape and turned it into police. The police saw it as a gang drug initiation deal and put a warrant out for Trent. This lasted till a listener recognized him on the posters.

Would rather "mow lawns for a living than make another album for TVT records."