Alcohol makes so many people in the world happy. I am often one of them.

There I am sitting at the bar at the Orlando Ale House enjoying more than my share of Captain and Cokes when two fellas next to me order a plate of fried shrimp. I want some. So I reach over and just take one. Yum. They want me to eat more, and keep pointing at the plate and smiling. They were from "the north of Africa" they said and could tell I had a big appetite.

I wanted to talk about Star Wars. Could you believe these foreign men had never ever heard of Star Wars. So I chatted them up a bit with my knowledge of Greedo and Jango Fett's "jazz hands." They were confused and I could not get through to them. All they wanted to do was watch the news and talk to each other about fossil fuels and how hot it had to be for different materials to burn. I offered to take them to see Attack of the Clones but they just gave me more shrimp to eat. I had another cocktail and went home. I guess I just don't understand people.

(I keep going to instead and it isn't the same place)