In 1996, DC and Marvel Comics made a four comic series featuring the biggest names in each of their respective comic universes doing battle. Two cosmic beings, known as "the brothers", each representing one of the universes, noticed each other for the first time. In doing this, they opened a gate between the universes, randomly moving people from one universe to another. Soon after this, a contest was initiated by the brothers: The greatest heros of each universes would battle each other until one of the two was immobilized, the other would score a win. After the battles had all ceased, the universe with the least wins would be annihilated entirely. The heros were reluctant to do battle with other heros. After the contest, instead of one destroying the other, the two universes melded into one (which basically spawned Amalgam Comics). Immediately afterward, Access, one of the "shards" of the brothers, with help from The Spectre and The Living Tribunal restored the universes to their original conditions.

The Battles: