I'm pissed off

I got an e-mail from my ex-boyfriend today. It was a blanket e-mail he sent out to all his so called friends with contact information because he is going to be moving soon. He included his current girlfriend's name, cell phone, and pager number in there as well. So this is my beef. Joe and I dated for about two and a half years. He never once called me his girlfriend. Yet this chick after dating him for a little over a year, Joe writes an e-mail to everyone calling her his girlfriend. And when I say everyone I do mean everyone. He sent that e-mail out to 37 people including me.


I have to ask, why am I angry? Maybe it's because we were together for so long. We did go through a whole lot together. I would just like to think that I meant something to him, that I wasn't just a "friend" that he had sex with. All that time he said I was his "friend". Well, friends don't have sex with each other, friends don't kiss and sleep in the same bed. Friends don't get friends pregnant. Yet Joe and I did all these things, so I figured we were more than friends. But alas, there must be something much more special about this girl that there wasn't about me. Because she gets the envied title of girlfriend. So here's another good question. Last July, Joe had been with Cheryl for a few months. I came out to Rochester and visited, and to make a long story short, Joe and I made up for some lost time. If he was so ready to mess around on his "girlfriend" what was he doing when he was with me, his "friend"? I guess I can sum this situation up with only two words:

Fucked up.

Every time I think I have moved on, something like this happens. Hell last summer I found out that my high school sweetheart was engaged and I totally flew off the handle. And after two years of being called a friend, what do I expect?
I heard through the grapevine the last time I was in Rochester that Joe was mad at me for not calling him to let him know that I was in town. Well, I've got three words for you Joe:

Kiss my ass.