Buying a mattress can be just as complicated as buying a car. The best tip I can give you is this: you cannot comparison shop for mattresses using the name of a mattress. A mattress at one store will not be named the same at another store. The mattress industry does this intentionally. The best way to comparison shop a mattress is using coil count and just simply testing the mattress. Coil count will tell you the quality of a mattress. The American Bedding Commission has set a minimum standard for coil count, and I couldn't tell you exactly what that number is. But, when you see super cheap specials on mattresses, generally those mattresses do not meet ABC standards. Another good way to see if a mattress does not have the minimum coil count, if you sit on it, and you butt feels like it's in the box spring, it doesn't have a good coil count. Coil count will tell you the quality and lasting power of a mattress. A higher coil count will give you more support and make the mattress last longer. When you are shopping, don't be afraid to test the matresses. Bring a pillow, lay down just as you would when you are going to sleep. This is the best way to determine whats going to be the most comfortable to you. If you've ever wondered how to determine what mattresses are firm or soft? Look at the quilting, the closer the spacing, the firmer the mattress. And the farther apart the quilting, the softer the mattress. Soft mattresses can be just as supportive as firm mattresses. So if you like soft mattresses like me, you don't have to worry about losing support.

When you shop, look at coil count, and compare how they feel. When you go to another store, finding a similar mattress will be as simple as finding a similar coil count and firmness.

Another little piece of advice. Don't listen to the sales people. Chances are they don't know squat. Plus they are just trying to get a commission out of you. The only reason I know as much as I do is that when I was selling furniture, I just happened to be at work when the mattress reps came along. Talking to those guys gave me a very good idea of whats in a mattress and what makes a good mattress. Most stores do not train their sales people what so ever.

Don't be afraid to spend a little money. It's true that you can get a good deal on a mattress. One way to get a discount is at the end of the year, the mattress companies redesign all their styles, and they sell of the floor models at a discount. But a good mattress treated well will last close to a decade or more. So go for the higher priced models and you will not have to worry about the expence of buying a mattress for quite some time. And flip your mattress every six months. Also, do not store your mattress on it's side. That can damage it, store it flat.

One more piece of advice, some companies offer mattresses with individual coils. They give great support at first and really help when two people share a mattress and one is a restless sleeper, the other sleeper will not feel the tossing and turning. However, these coils have a memory after a while, and you can end up with a dent in your mattress. Plus, the foam padding between the coils comes loose and you end up with squeaks.

So, I hope someone can use this advice. If you take your time, and do your homework, you will end up with a comfortable mattress that lasts for years.