Only a few days after Arnie's speech a few historians start to question his autobiographical speech against some basic historical facts, including Timothy Noah from Slate. "I saw tanks in the streets. I saw communism with my own eyes", said Arnold Schwarzenegger to the Republican Party congress...well, Arnie was born and raised in British-occupied Austria (specifically the village of Thal, in the province of Styria), quite a distance from where the Soviets were positioned until they withdrew entirely from Austria in 1955. Arnold's family was quite poor - without a car they were not able to travel very far, and there was little reason them to cross over to the Soviet zone. Certainly he would not have seen Soviet tanks on a daily basis.

And if the Soviets did detain his family, they would have had good reason - his father was a volunteer Brownshirt (entirely coincidentally, both Adolf's and Arnie's fathers were named Alois).

Arnold's comments of Austria being socialist is either a sign of extreme ignorance or deviousness. Every Austrian chancellor from 1945 to 1970 has been conservative. The social democratic Beveridge style of governance in Austria cannot be compared with the centralised planning as practiced in the Soviet block.