Day of Defeat was really cool until some suit tried to package the game to be more commercially viable. DOD is a classic case study of how enhancements ruin a good game.

The original game had uncertainty. You did not have great big signs above the heads of soldiers so that you knew if you were firing on friend or foe. It did not have a bloody GPS thingy map that told you were all your friends are. Now we have no fog of war to make the game exciting

My biggest gripe is with the insufferable dogs wearing military helmets (a Bulldog for allies, a Dachshund for Axis) that come out telling you have spotted a friendly soldier, or "good work you have killed an enemy", or the bleedingly obvious when you have been shot (no pun intended). We are talking about a real war where real people were killed. I have no problems playing a third person shooter based on historical events, but if we are going to remove the horror of war in a game, let us not replace it with banal cuteness. Unfortunately you have to remember to deactivate auto help before playing, or disconnect from the server after the dogs annoy you to buggery 4 hours into the game.