Waif-like cartoon girl, allegedly created in the image of Natalie Imbruglia. Barina Girl, or 'BG', was conceptualised by advertising agency McCann-Erickson in Australia to promote the Holden Barina motor vehicle released in 1995. On television and print media, Barina Girl was a model with effortless aplomb, who by doing figure eight donuts in her 1.4 litre Barina to the tune of Rick James's Superfreak could create enough momentum to give herself a stylish hair-do just before a fashion shoot. There was also a Barina website (www.bg.com.au), with Barina Girl cartoons, fashion tips, make up advice and precious little relating to cars.

The BG campaign increased Holden's market-share of the 18 to 25 year old non-oil checking early adopter driver demographic - 97% of the target audience in sample groups liked the campaign, and sales rose by 30%. However the Barina girl campaign made all Australian guys timid about being seen in any compact Holden vehicle. The BG marketing campaign, including the website, has since been discontinued.