Adam Spencer is best known in Australia as a presenter on the youth radio station Triple J. He first started his career in radio by winning second place in a stand-up comedy competition sponsored by the radio station in 1996, although his eloquence was already well known: as a university student studying for his doctorate in pure mathematics he was captain of the Australian debating team for three years and was voted the 'Best Speaker in the World' at the World University Debating Championships. On his first day at Triple J co-hosts Mikey Robbins and Helen Razer challenged his vocal and mathmatical prowess by getting him to give impromptu definions of the numbers that were the maximum temperatures of Australia's capital cities. Knowing that Melbourne's maximum temperature of the day was the square root of 484 got him his job as a breakfast programme presenter.

From 1998 to 2001 Adam Spencer also hosted several science-orientated programmes on ABC television and radio, and was a regular guest on the programmes The Glasshouse, The Fat and Good News Week. He has authored and co-authored several books on mathmatics and science for public audience, and has worked for more than 300 clients as a celebrity speaker.