Well last week I made the 13 hour journey down to Winston-Salem in North Carolina. While there I finally heard back from the bank regarding my mortgage and was able to waive the conditions on my new home. (see February 1, 2002 and March 1, 2002).

So I am in fact at the beginning of the long and joyous journey of building a new home once again. They haven't yet begun to dig the foundation as of yet, but once that is well underway will come the inevitable haggling, decision making, and near daily trips to the builder's trailer. Which is fortunately only a block or two from my current dwelling.

Oh and there is also the matter of picking colors. This time around however, I have my lovely fiance to help me. Of course most colours will end up being neutral so as not to impede future attempts at decoration. Though we will have a blue green kitchen and a navy and gold master bathroom.

Now I must call my vendor once again and see about acquiring a box of Cat 5e computer cable and a new patch panel so that I can wire my new house for ethernet once again. Though sometimes I think wireless may be the way to go. In any case hopefully I have learned my lesson and will install PVC conduit and plenty of wall plates. I think I will go for RJ11 and RJ45 combined wall plates to cut down on the clutter.

So this summer should be interesting to say the least, what with a wedding, week long honeymoon, and a new house to furnish. Acutally it works out quite well as wedding presents may just help us a long in our furnishing. I think it will be the best and busiest summer of my life :)