I got one of these digital cameras last Christmas and it has served me fairly well. It has a good number of features, though it is no 35mm SLR Camera. Under optimum conditions it takes fantastic pictures at just under 4 megapixels. Upload speeds are reasonable due to its USB connection. It also has a macro mode.

The major weaknesses of this camera stem from its compact roots. The flash is located too close to the lens causing redeye in 99% of the pictures that are taken with it. (this is even with the red eye reduction feature) Field of View is limited and at its widest zoomsetting the picture looks slightly warped. It needs good lighting to be able to auto focus even when using the flash. Manual focus on a digital camera is often nigh impossible- the LCD screen is not of sufficient resolution to tell if you are fully focused.

Lest you think I don't like this camera, when you have good conditions it takes excellent pictures. Overall I am very happy with this camera. It just gets frustrating sometimes and I'm dying to get an SLR digital camera. The battery life is quite good also.