Wedding plans continue unabated- the invitation address collection has been by far the most work. Calling everyone up, trying to get addresses etc. But making up a database for everything really has worked out well. I use lots of check boxes and queries and can quickly find out whatever I need to (how many people for rehersal, who needs addresses, etc etc). I wondered at first, but it's really great. Plus I can use it again when it comes time to send out thank you cards.

The new house things is all sorted out. I have to move out earlier than planned, but I've got a place to say. I'm using movers this time - moving appliances and stuff into and out of storage is not really my bag, paying someone else to do it is. It was a tough decision to take an early closing date on my current house, but once the decision was made many advantages became apparent. I can move anytime I want (because I have an opened ended place to stay), so if the new house is a bit late, no big deal. If it is done early no big deal. I can schedule moves away from the end/beginning of the month, making the movers much more amiable to making deals. Heck if we close early on the house and want to paint first we can do that also.

My current house is wired with Cat 5E cable everywhere. It's been grand. However 802.11b wireless is actually cheaper than buying cable now. So wireless it is. Heck maybe I'll get 802.11a stuff it is affordable and available around here in time. Love to be able to just wander around the house or the elevated deck with my laptop, surfing the web (then dropping my laptop off the deck while swatting mosquitos).

In my shrinking quotient of spare time i've been playing away at Dungeon Siege. Hate to nodevertise, but it's such a fun little game. I may not even be done playing by the time Morrowind comes out. -heh to appease my finance I concocted a scheme where I plan ahead the games I'm going to buy, instead of buying whatever I see at the store. Actually it's been a great idea, it's ridiculous how many games I have sitting around, hardly played. Morrowind should be a fine strategic purchase if it lasts me even a quarter as long as Daggerfall did.

Among the games I haven't finished yet:
Twisted Metal Black
Virtua Fighter 4
Rally Trophy
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Return to Castle Wolfenstein (well in all fairness I've beat everything but the last guy, and he just seems to be more trouble than he's worth)
Gran Turismo 3
Advance Wars Okay so the Gameboy Advance screen is so sucky that playing this otherwise excellent game is almost painful.

Please note that in saying 'not finished' what I mean is that these are games I love to play, but the purchase of a newer game (or finding shiney objects, noticing blinking lights, etc) has interupted the play of the previous game. May it's time to admit I have a problem! I really should finish up those games before buying new ones! I mean if I played through each game as I got it I'd probably save tons of money on games, especially since some titles would probably be greatly reduced in price by the time I got to buying them! Ah well after Morrowind, it's just Tekken 4 and Soul Calibur 2 for me...I swear!

Fine weather has finally arrived this week - actually had to open the windows last night. I can only hope walks on nice sunny days further reduce my game playing time :)