An explanation of the book's title, in Dick and Jane format

See the girl. The girl’s name is Pecola. She has brown eyes. She has black skin. Her mother says she is ugly. Her father says she is ugly. If she had blue eyes, she would be pretty. How happy she would be with blue eyes!

See the girl. The girl’s name is Shirley Temple. Shirley has pretty blue eyes. Shirley is a pretty girl. See the pretty girl. All the people love Shirley because her eyes are pretty.

See the pretty girls. They have blue eyes. They have white skin. See the pretty girls with blue eyes and white skin. Pecola’s mother likes the pretty girls.

Oh, no! Pecola has spilled the pie! The pie is burning Pecola. It spills on the pretty girl’s dress. Here comes Pecola’s mother. She hits Pecola for spilling the pie on the pretty girl with the blue eyes. Do not cry, pretty girl. Pecola’s mother is nice to the pretty girl with blue eyes.

Why does no one play with Pecola? No one likes Pecola. Are they jealous of her blue eyes? No, they are not jealous. No one will play with Pecola because she is ugly. All the people are prettier than Pecola. This makes them happy.

Pecola wants to have blue eyes like Shirley Temple. All the people will like her if she gets blue eyes. She goes to see a man. The man gives her blue eyes. See Pecola’s blue eyes. Now she is pretty! All the people will like Pecola and her pretty blue eyes. Pecola has the prettiest eyes.

Pecola is sad. Why can no one see Pecola’s pretty blue eyes? Here is a friend. She likes Pecola’s blue eyes. Pecola and her friend will play many fun games. Play Pecola, play!

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