Prokofiev's music is still some of the edgiest in classical music. His orchestration is unique and often copied by current contemporary composers, especially John Williams, who has written the soundtracks to The Star Wars Trilogy, Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone, among many others.

Prokofiev's most famous instrumentation is that of very high strings on top of low brass and low woodwinds playing a dark ostinato, as well as haunting melodies in the high woodwinds accompanied by the lower strings. One certainly doesn't leave a concert hall singing his melodies, but they do stand out in the mind and are easily recognizable.

Just an added note, to comment on LordBrawl's idea that Prokofiev is comparable to Pantera, I personally believe that if Prokofiev were writing music today, he would be writing music like that of Nine Inch Nails. IMHO, he was the Trent Reznor of his time. I am not to be quoted on that, because I am not stating it as a fact, only as a parallel I personally see, not necessarily an idea I feel anyone else needs to agree with.