It rained all night last night. This afternoon the football field looked like chocolate pudding with green sprinkles.

And we had to march on it, when one of the songs in our performance is played at a tempo of 170 beats per minute. In 3/4 time.

I realize that anyone who has never been a member of a marching band does not understand how hard it is to march in time at such a fast pace. Even when the field is in good condition, this is somewhat of an incredible feat.

It is about 30x more difficult when the field is more mud than grass.

It was like marching through chocolate cake. Our feet stuck and we stumbled, we worked our muscles to their fullest potential to keep from sinking into the gooey mess.

The girl beside me almost fell three times.

Amazingly, we made it through the entire performance without one person falling. I'm actually rather proud that we made it through it, but if I had the chance to relive it, I'd probably make sure it didn't happen.