Return to October 18, 2002 (thing)

I [feel] like I'm [sinking] into my [chair], which seems to be sinking into the [floor]. My arms are level with the [desk], and yet I feel like I have to [reach] very [far] for the [keyboard] and look high up at the [monitor].

Maybe it's the fact that I've been [awake] for a long time, had three [intellectual] classes plus a [tiring] [marching band] [rehearsal] before going shopping for 3 hours and then spending 3 more hours drinking [coffee] and smoking [cigarettes] at [family restaurant|King's].

Maybe it's because I haven't had coffee in over a [month] and drank over 6 cups in 3 hours.

Maybe it's because I actually had a fully [good] day, with no fights, no [emotional breakdown|emotional breakdowns], no [disappointment|disappointments] of any kind.

Or maybe it's because the realization has finally hit me, after 5 hours of knowing: my [brother] finally admitted to my [best friend] and me that he is [bisexual].

He was so surprised that we had already guessed it. I thought [guys] in [general] (especially [gay]/bi guys) knew that [girls] (especially the [weird] [geek|geeky] ones) have [gaydar]? Apparently they don't, because he was almost [offend|offended] that we knew. I felt offended that he told my [parents] before he told me. You're always supposed to tell [sibling|siblings] things first, to test the [reaction] your parents might have. I guess he doesn't [trust] me that much, as I was one of the last of his close friends/relations (short of my [grandparent|grandparents]) to know.

The chair has stopped sinking, I think it's time to end this [strange], [happy], [long] day.