I hate when people who dislike my opinions about the army or something in America tell me to leave the country because I disagree with them. That's what is so beautiful about this country, people. I can say what I want, about what I want, without being punished for having an opinion.

That's all it is, people, my opinion. I never said anyone else should believe the same things I do, but I am allowed to say what I believe, even if no one else agrees. That is the basis of this country that military defenders claim the army is fighting for. And they have, and I respect them for that, as I respect anyone who makes a decision to fight for whatever they believe in. But that is not what this "war" in Iraq is about.

The Iraqis aren't threatening our freedoms, they're threatening the major corporations' easy access to oil. It has nothing to do with freedom. It's a war for money. So say what you want about the army and how these people are "dying so that I can bitch on instant messenger" but you're falling for the lie they want you to fall for. Yes, a lot of men and women are going to die for what they believe in, and yes, maybe their sacrifices will help my life in some way, but that is their personal reason for fighting. The deployment of troops to Iraq is strictly political and corporate and has nothing to do with the ideals of my freedom.

So stop telling me to move to Iraq or leave the country because I don't always agree with you or I practice my right to abstain from the pledge of allegiance -- These are the rights I am given as an American, whether you agree with me or not, and that is what those men and women go to war for.